Independent Living Checklist

Independent Living Checklist

Item 1: Consider the following questions:

Are you ready to give up yard work and upkeep on a house?

Are you ready to give up cooling and heating those unused rooms in your house?

Are you ready to stop waiting on repairmen who will show up sometime between 9 am and 5 pm?

Are you ready to give up figuring out what to fix for meals and what to buy at the grocery store?

Are you ready to stop driving in traffic and bad weather?

Are you ready to give up scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen floors?

Are you ready to enjoy a trip or a party without all the organization and clean up?

If you answer YES to any or all of these questions, then it may be time to consider your options, including a move.

Item 2: Make an informed Decision based on the facts

Compare the cost of staying in your home versus making a move to an independent living community. Even though you may no longer have a mortgage payment, you may be surprised at the money spent monthly. The following analysis may be a helpful tool for breaking down these costs:

Click here to print, fill out and compare.

Click Here to view The High Cost of Staying in Your Home

Item 3: Consider 5 good reasons to move to Spectrum Properties Independent Living

Reason 1 – Very experienced, caring staff members

Reason 2 – Beautiful locations in Dallas, Plano & Bedford

Reason 3 – Full calendar of daily activities for every taste

Reason 4 – Scheduled transportation where you need to go

Reason 5 – Affordable, large 1 or 2 bedroom floor plans

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